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Improving Small Businesses for 40 Years

Jerry Slade is a 38+ year veteran of the IRS's war against small business owners, professionals and non-profits. He has done tax preparation, bookkeeping, taxpayer representation for audits and IRS collection matters and serves alongside business owners as an experienced financial controller. While Jerry believes that education is important, the education that comes from doing is more important to a small business owner than formal education. One look at Washington DC shows that over 95% of Congress has a post college degree and can't get a thing done!

Jerry has founded several businesses and enjoys working with small business owners on business strategy, formation, reorganizations and buys and sells of businesses. Bookkeeping is at the root of the management and tax planning for every business and must be current, accurate and interactive by the owners.

Tax Problem Resolution

For over 40 years, Jerry has helped small businesses with the many challenges that stand between them and the IRS. You can rest assured that he’s seen it all–and that he can help!

Business Strategy

Jerry knows what it takes to make small businesses succeed. He can take a look at your business, taking stock of its strengths and weaknesses, and help you to formulate a plan for whatever it is you’d like to accomplish!


Jerry’s associates at ByTheBook Keepers have been working all manner of small businesses with their records and bookkeeping. Their cloud technology makes bookkeeping paperless and easy.

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